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Seneca is dedicated to the unconditional care of children in foster care. Our three foster care programs meet the needs of a diverse group of children from age 0-21 and also provide outstanding support to our foster parents who have a variety of skills, hopes and dreams.


Some, like our Seneca Foster Care parents in Southern California and Kinship Foster Care parents, wish to foster or adopt infants, toddlers and school-aged children. Others, like our +PLUS foster parents greet the challenge of providing support, guidance, and reassurance to one high-risk teenager in a focused six-month commitment. Still others, like our Intensive Treatment Foster Care foster parents are ready to commit to fostering a school-aged child for whatever period of time is necessary to achieve stability and permanence, either through adoption or reunification to the biological family.


For more information on our foster care programs, please scroll down or fill out our Foster Parent Inquiry Form, and a Seneca staff member from your area will respond to you shortly.



Intensive Treatment Foster Care


Becoming A Seneca Foster Parent: A Life with Purpose


Are you a person residing in the SF Bay Area who has a gift with school-aged children and who wishes to foster or adopt? Do you believe that one person can make a big difference by helping a child in need of love, acceptance, and guidance?  If so, we want to hear from you! More than 6000 children in the San Francisco Bay Area require foster care, and few if any counties have enough foster parents to fill the need.


Seneca’s Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) program serves children aged 6-18 who have emotional and behavioral challenges due to histories of trauma, neglect and abuse. If you have a keen sense of purpose and an ability to be a team player,  Seneca will train and support you through the Certification Process to become a foster parent—and then support you even more as you invite a new child into your heart, home, and family. 


In this home-based, therapeutic approach, Seneca foster parents are valued team members who receive weekly support and guidance from Seneca clinicians and behavior specialists to ensure that fostering a child is a positive, successful, and rewarding experience for all.


With a focus on the strengths and value of each child, the team helps foster youth to recover and flourish as they learn coping skills and improve their ability to regulate feelings and behaviors. By encouraging the child’s strengths, teaching new skills, and supporting healthy family and community connections, Seneca foster parents help the youth in their care to achieve stability, connectedness, positive self-image, and a sense of belonging. With love, support, and commitment, Seneca foster parents help their foster children to grow, heal and thrive.


Please visit our Requirements, Benefits and Certification page to learn more about the support and compensation you will receive as an ITFC Seneca foster parent. To request further information or to attend a Bay Area Foster Parent Orientation near you, please use our online Foster Parent Inquiry Form or contact one of the following:


Bay Area (North/East/SF):
Email: fostercare@senecacenter.org  
Tel: 1-877-380-5300


South Bay:
Email: scfostercare@senecacenter.org 
Tel: 1-877-380-5300

Seneca and Kinship Center Foster Care Programs


Foster care may be a pre-adoptive placement with the family who will ultimately adopt.  Some foster care placements are offered to older youth or medically fragile children for whom permanency needs to be planned and is not yet determined. All our foster care programs are focused on developing a permanent family for the child.


Therapeutic Foster Care: Therapeutic foster parents are specially trained and continually supported to provide foster family care for children of any age who cannot safely remain with their birth families and who need special attention. Parents who intend to adopt their foster child(ren) work with a Seneca social worker to prepare for the adoption. Other parents work with a Seneca social worker to develop and carry out a treatment plan for long-term foster care placement, for children being prepared for adoption elsewhere, for reunification with birth parents, or for transition (emancipation) into adulthood.


Short-term Foster Care: Seneca certifies a small number of foster parents to provide short-term care to infants and toddlers whose birth parents may be considering adoptive placement.


Foster Care/Adoption for Medically Fragile or Developmentally Disabled Children (STAR Program): Seneca is approved to care for children with special medical or developmental needs. Foster parents in this program typically have experience or some medical training in this field. Qualified medical personnel provide additional training, and foster parents work closely with the Seneca social worker and the Individualized Health Care Plan Team.


For more information, please click here to visit Kinship Center's website, a member of Seneca Family of Agencies, or contact:


Seneca in Southern California:
Email: sherry_gimple@senecacenter.org
Tel: 714-881-8640
Toll Free: 888-466-6693


Kinship Center in the Central Coast:
Email: dschugg@kinshipcenter.org  
Tel: 831-455-4731 

Professional Parent Foster Care


Do you want to make a difference in the life of a teen who needs mentoring, guidance and support? Are you able to make a six-month commitment to fostering?  Seneca’s Professional Parent Foster Care Program, based in Santa Clara County, serves high-risk youth who require very focused, short-term emotional/behavioral support from a team that includes well-trained, committed foster parents.


Professional parents show an advanced ability to connect with teens and are able to able to open their hearts and their homes to help support a teen in need of special guidance and positive role models. Professional parents work as team members with Seneca staff to provide unconditional care to one high-risk youth at a time for up to six months. With focused attention and unwavering commitment, Professional parents help a teen transform his/her life and move towards a positive future. 


Please visit our Support and Benefits page to learn more about the support and compensation you will receive as a Professional parent. To request further information or to attend a Professional Parent Orientation, please use our online Foster Parent Inquiry form (link) or contact:


Email: scfostercare@senecacenter.org  
Tel: 1-877-380-5300