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Seneca Master's in Social Work Program

Seneca MSW@USC

Seneca Family of Agencies (Seneca) has partnered with the University of Southern California's School of Social Work to offer Seneca employees the opportunity to earn a Master of Social Work degree from USC—utilizing its online MSW@USC platform—while working at Seneca.


  • Recruit and retain a diverse, highly competent clinically trained work force to provide the highest quality services for children, youth and families
  • Pilot a graduate social work education model that fully integrates theory and practice in the field
  • Provide the field of social work with thought leadership for a strong clinical framework of practice, in the form of Seneca’s Unconditional Care model
  • Support Seneca employees in their pursuit of a highly regarded and respected MSW degree, while continuing to serve children, youth and families




  • Seneca MSW@USC Seven-Semester Program: Employees who have invested in Seneca’s provider community as counselors, mental health assistants, case assistants and other non-graduate level positions will continue their clinical, analytical, and relational growth at Seneca during the seven-semester degree program. The program is designed and financially supported to enable most employees to afford this degree. Upon completion, students will emerge ready to fill clinical and leadership positions that become available throughout the agency’s operations in multiple sites throughout California and Washington State.



  • Seneca MSW@USC Advanced Standing Program: Individuals who have earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)-accredited school, will participate in a four-semester advanced standing MSW degree program. If not already Seneca staff, qualified applicants must simultaneously apply for employment with Seneca and admission to this advanced standing program, which will afford them all the benefits outlined below, but in just 35 units and a little over half the tuition of a standard MSW degree! For more information, visit the Seneca MSW@USC Advanced Standing home page.



  • Accredited USC MSW coursework, including the Social Work (SOWK) 603 research course taught by Seneca’s research director, provided at convenient times through USC’s Virtual Academic Center (VAC).
  • A three-unit Seneca-specific course on Seneca's therapeutic practice model, Unconditional Care, which will fulfill an elective requirement for the MSW degree.
  • Paid fieldwork experience at one of Seneca’s high-quality programs.
  • The ability to maintain employment at Seneca Family of Agencies while obtaining an MSW, affording student employees the opportunity to earn full-time wages and benefits while completing their degree.
  • Significant financial support from USC and Seneca Family of Agencies in the form of scholarships.


At this time, the program is only available for current employees. See current job opportunities at Seneca Family of Agencies.



To find out more about USC's top-ranked MSW program click here.



For more information on Seneca's MSW@USC Program, please email us at SenecaMSW-USC@senecacenter.org 


Learn about the Advanced Standing Program!
Applications close July 2016.