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Seneca Washington

Seneca Family of Agencies
210 South Hudson Street
Seattle, WA 98134
 (206) 832-8518
Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm


About Seneca Washington

Seneca Family of Agencies’ Washington office represents the organization’s first established presence outside of California. Seneca was initially brought to the state in 2013 by the Gates Foundation to support emerging charter schools. Seneca has since been invited to provide a range of technical assistance and support for schools and districts looking to develop systems of Unconditional Education that support the success and wellbeing of all students.


Washington Projects


Unconditional Education Partnership

Seneca works with district and charter school partners to provide assistance in designing inclusive school-wide practices and systems focused on early identification and intervention. Following the agency’s history of working with youth heavily impacted by complex stressors and trauma, these systems are aimed at supporting all students, no matter the intensity of their needs. This work is guided by Seneca’s Unconditional Education model, which offers a framework for integrated and multi-tiered systems of support designed to promote all students’ academic, social-emotional and behavioral development.

Seneca is collaborating with Washington districts and schools to design individualized models and services that meet students’ unique needs. Key partners in this work include Seattle Public Schools, the state’s largest district, with whom Seneca is working in their efforts to improve special education practice and compliance. Recognizing that provision of responsive and individualized services bolsters student achievement, this work is aimed at furthering the district-wide commitment to the success of all students by providing every child the support they need to succeed. Seneca’s work with Seattle Public Schools includes engaging with partner agencies to collaborate in the provision of school based services and ensuring a system of comprehensive care through a continuum of services supporting the needs of all students. Seneca is also working with the Academy of Precision Learning (APL) to help further their unique approach to inclusive education.


Washington State Charter Schools

As the 43rd state to authorize charter schools, Washington has a tremendous opportunity to utilize lessons learned in other states and put forth truly creative approaches to serving all students. Seneca is partnering with The Washington State Charter Schools Association and individual charter school partners to design and implement systems that use data-informed best practices to meet student needs at the best point of intervention. This work includes trainings, one-on-one consultation and system-level work aimed at supporting charters in developing unique school models and establishing systems that promote the success of every student. 

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