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Agency Overview

Seneca Family of Agencies (formerly Seneca Center) was founded in 1985 by advocates who were determined to more effectively meet the needs of children in group homes and foster family care. Seneca established itself as an innovative leader in the provision of unconditional care through a comprehensive continuum of school, community-based and family-focused treatment services for children and families who have experienced high levels of trauma and are at risk for family disruption or institutional placement of the children.


In 2011, a strategic merger with Kinship Center formed Seneca Family of Agencies. In 2012, Canyon Acres Ranch was incorporated into the Orange County programs of Kinship Center, expanding the local base of mental health, wraparound, child placement, family finding and professional and parent training services.


Kinship Center, founded in 1984, specializes in adoption, foster care, family-based services, child and family mental health care, along with parent and professional post graduate training. The merger into Seneca Family of Agencies expands Kinship Center's landmark work in California of creating, supporting, educating and providing mental health services to families built by adoption and relative caregiving.


Canyon Acres has a 31-year history of serving children and families throughout Southern California, providing the highest level of care and therapeutic treatment to children who suffer from a variety of emotional and psychological disorders.  The Canyon Acres Ranch Children’s Treatment Center in Orange County features a variety of  therapeutic care programs that include child placement, mental health services and animal assisted therapy through an equine riding program.


The joining of these organizations creates one of the most comprehensive service systems for children in California. Seneca Family of Agencies’ continuum of care now includes:


Seneca serves 12 counties in the 
SF Bay Area,
Central Coast
& Southern California regions.