Seneca Family of Agencies believes that all children deserve the opportunity to have access to equitable and exceptional educational services.

Seneca Family of Agencies offers a broad array of mental health and special education services designed to accelerate each child's academic and behavioral progress, whether in public school or in an alternative non-public school setting. Our school-based services are designed to close the educational achievement gap experienced by students from low income communities, students of color, as well as all students enrolled in special education programs. Services are highly individualized for each student, with parents and other family members enlisted as partners in designing and implementing the education and treatment plans for their child.

Seneca's education services include: Public School Special Education Services, Public School Therapeutic and Behavioral Services, Public School-Based Counseling Enriched Programs, Public School-Based Rehabilitative Day Treatment Programs, Public School-Based Intensive Day Treatment Programs, and Non-Public Schools with Intensive Day Treatment Programs