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Anthony and James's Story
By their seventh birthday, identical twins Anthony and James had already lived in a half dozen different resource homes throughout the Bay Area. After being removed from their biological parents as toddlers due to prolonged periods of neglect where they were left alone with no one to meet their needs, the brothers experienced a series of short-lived foster placements, moving from house to house and school to school without any promise of permanence.
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Linda's Story
After more than 12 years as a Seneca Center foster/resource parent, Linda’s guiding principle remains the same: “When kids come to my home, it’s not a resource home, it’s their home.” Since 1998, Linda has worked with a dozen children through Seneca’s Intensive Treatment Foster Care program, and she has embraced each one fully and unconditionally. 
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Kevin and Terrilyn's Story
Helping children is a way of life for Seneca foster/resource parents Kevin and Terrilyn. Kevin’s position as a pastor entails extensive interaction with youth, and Terrilyn works for the Boys and Girls Club of Pittsburg and Pittsburg Unified School District. In addition to raising their five biological children, the couple has provided foster care for the past seven years. As Terrilyn explains, “We’ve always had a house full of kids and we love working with them; it comes from the heart.” 
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Neriza's Story
Neriza was inspired to become a foster/resource parent by her mother and father, who fostered for several years as a retired couple. Neriza felt confident that she could also offer care and stability to children in need, and she joined Seneca Center’s Intensive Services Foster Care program once her three kids were grown up and living on their own. 
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Larry's Story
Larry entered the foster care system when he was eight years old. He spent several years of his young life moving between resource homes and the households of extended family members, rarely staying in one place for more than a few months at a time.  “Everything I owned literally fit into a duffle bag with room to spare,” Larry recalls.
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Sherrita's Story
20 year old Sherrita has a bright future ahead of her. A decade ago, however, she was a frightened 5th grader in foster care. Sherrita was removed from her biological family at a young age. In county foster care she “felt like an outcast” and was disheartened by the favoritism her foster/resource parents showed toward their biological kids.
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Ashley's Story
Ashley thinks of her life in two stages: before and after. Her early childhood falls into the “before” period – a time of intense fear and anxiety, when her biological mother was struggling with untreated chronic mental illness and substance abuse, and Ashley was severely neglected. Ashley was hit by a car on two separate occasions as a toddler while she was wandering around her family’s apartment complex unsupervised. The second accident required Ashley to be airlifted to a hospital, and resulted in her removal from her parents’ care at age three.
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Youth Poetry

I AM by CW, age 10
I AM by JS, age 13
I AM by JW, age 11
Let me introduce myself by VS, age 14