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Kinship Center, a member of Seneca Family of Agencies, provides support services to relatives caring for family members’ children when birth parents are unable or unwilling to provide that care because of illness, drug addiction, imprisonment, or death. The goal of these services is to increase the chances for children’s success by building the capacity of kin caregivers to meet their health, financial, social, emotional, and child rearing challenges. Kinship Center is particularly noted for its in-depth education and support for parents and caregivers.


The relative (kinship) caregiver support program helps children remain connected to their families by keeping them with relatives…familiar faces in familiar homes, in familiar neighborhoods. A variety of professional services help new relative caregivers manage the transition and access community resources for their new family, and provide continuing support to established relative caregiving families. Support groups help relatives with the specialized needs and day-to-day care of children and adolescents.


The majority of adults who assume the care of their relative children are grandparents making a commitment that is keeping children out of foster care and connected to a loving family. Most grandparents have not planned to begin parenting all over again at this point in their lives. Interrupting retirement or changing a life to care for children is not easy, and the relative caregiver support program helps ease the transition.


For more information on our Family Ties/Kinship Care program please visit the Kinship Center website here