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Lifelong Connections Initiatives

Federal Family Finding Grant Program

As part of a three-year implementation and research grant, the Lifelong Connections Initiative (LCI) is designed to provide front-end family finding for minors entering foster care for the very first time. Through this grant, Seneca Permanency Counselors provide more extensive family finding services to a randomized group of minors at the conclusion of the 30-day relative notification process. These additional services include engaging kin and non-relative family members through the provision of current and potential supports, as well as the facilitation of permanency planning and decision-making meetings. Permanency Counselors collaborate with our county partners to help children stay connected to their families, so that they have every opportunity for legal, physical and emotional permanency.


Short Term Objectives:


  • Increase in the number of children in permanent placements with relatives
  • Decrease in the time that youth spend in child welfare before achieving permanency
  • Increase in number of children who have meaningful and lasting connections
  • Increase in involvement of child/youth and relatives in permanency and case planning
  • Increase caseworker knowledge and awareness of the LCI goals and practices


Long Term Objectives:


  • Decrease in re-allegations of child abuse/neglect following reunification
  • Decrease in reentry to out-of-home care following reunification
  • Increase in caregiver capacity to meet the needs of the child/youth
  • Increase in birth family protective factors
  • Increase in the integration of Family Finding and Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) activities, as part of child welfare casework
  • Increase in caseworker focus on permanency