Mission and Vision

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Our Mission:

Committed to the core belief that every child deserves a family, Kinship Center provides the full spectrum of family-centered support to strengthen the families and communities we serve.

Who is Kinship Center?

Kinship Center is a California nonprofit agency that creates and supports permanent families for children through adoption, relative caregiving or other guardianship. Our commitment is to permanent rather than temporary solutions, as decades of research have shown that children need stable, permanent families in order to thrive.

Since 1984, Kinship Center has helped build and strengthen families for thousands of children of all ages: those who can no longer remain safely with their birth parents because of abuse and neglect, those who have been abandoned, and also those who are voluntarily relinquished for adoption as infants by their birth parents. Kinship Center is headquartered in Salinas, California with facilities and services in eleven Southern California, Central Coast and Northern California counties.

Kinship Center has created programs and services over the years to meet the full range of children’s needs, including children with past trauma, and to support the adults who step forward to provide them safe “forever families.” Our pre and post-adoption training gives new parents the tools they need to help children overcome the scars of their troubled pasts. Our goal is to build and sustain strong families that give children a second chance at life and that are an asset to the community.

Kinship Center Announces Strategic Partnerships!

In July 2011, Kinship Center joined with Seneca Center, another highly respected California youth-serving nonprofit, to form Seneca Family of Agencies. And on March 1, 2012 another child and family agency, Canyon Acres, brought its programs to Kinship Center, creating a 3-way merger that strengthens programs and services for children and families throughout California. Click here to read the announcement of our Seneca merger. Click here for more Canyon Acres information.

A History of Positive Impact and Influence

Kinship Center been honored nationally for our life-changing outcomes for more than 2,500 children each year through a variety of programs, including adoption, therapeutic foster care, kinship (relative) care, mental health services for children and families, intensive support for families in crisis, prevention programs to keep children out of child welfare, and nationally recognized education and training for parents and professionals.

Kinship Center’s impact extends far beyond the children and families who receive direct services. The organization has taken a leadership role in the child welfare community and its programs have become models throughout the country. This ground-breaking influence has resulted in systemic changes that are dramatically improving the outcomes for children who cannot safely remain with their birth families.

Kinship Center depends on public and private funds to support all of its direct-service programs. We welcome you to donate now with an online or other gift.

Kinship Center is licensed by the State of California, Community Care Licensing Division, certified by health and behavioral health departments in counties where clinics are present, certified by Regional Center for care of medically fragile and developmentally disabled children, accredited by The Joint Commission, and a member of the California Association of Adoption Agencies and Voice for Adoption. Kinship Center does not discriminate in the provision of its services, programs and products or in its employment practices.

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