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National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness

Every child needs and deserves meaningful, lifelong connections to a safe and loving family. Referred to as permanency by child welfare professionals, this is the single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for children. Entry, lengths of stay and placement changes in foster care can be significantly reduced by energizing a lifetime network of loving family inclusive of a primary parenting relationship.


The National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness (NIPFC) works to promote permanency as a national priority for all children and youth, with Family Finding as a core strategy and method that adds value to child welfare service systems. NIPFC sprung from the merger of Seneca Family of Agencies with the California Permanency for Youth Project (CPYP) and Kevin Campbell, author of the Family Finding model, to offer integrated permanency best practice, policy and procedures for foster youth in danger of exiting foster care without a lifelong connection to a caring adult. We believe this collaboration enables us to better identify and articulate the benefits of Family Finding and permanency strategies to advance positive outcomes for children and youth in foster care throughout California, the United States and Canada.


NIPFC provides training, coaching and implementation support to the staff of child welfare organizations, juvenile justice, behavioral health and court systems, disability services organizations and community partners. NIPFC training inspires and cultivates the attention and urgency needed by public and nonprofit agencies to implement and sustain permanency best practices for all the children and youth they serve.


To learn more about Family Finding and training opportunities, please visit us at www.familypermanency.org. Interested in receiving our NIPFC Permanency Blast? Email Seneca’s Family Finding Coordinator at nipfc@senecacenter.org.