Policy and Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy

Seneca is committed to informing and improving the local, state, and federal systems that serve children and families. Seneca’s broad geographic range and continuum of mental health, permanency, education, and juvenile justice services position the agency as a leader in shaping public policy. This work can take many forms: local county-level advocacy; state legislation; participation in state-level advisory councils or workgroups; developing partnerships or coalitions to advance innovative systems-change ideas, and more.

For example, Seneca’s CEO, Ken Berrick, serves as a Governor’s Appointee on the Child Welfare Council, a California statewide advisory body committed to improving the systems of care for children and families involved with the child welfare system. Seneca is also a current active partner organization in the California Children’s Trust, a statewide coalition effort to reimagine children’s behavioral health as a tool for health equity and healthy development through significant policy and fiscal reform. Legislatively, Seneca was a cosponsor of AB 456 (Thurmond) in 2017-18, which has streamlined pathways to licensure for mental health professionals and reflects our commitment to our most important resource: our staff. These are just a few examples of the many important conversations and strategies through which Seneca seeks to positively influence the systems serving children and families.

Your voice is important in helping educate elected officials and in advocating for policies that directly affect the communities we serve, children and families, and the public systems in which we work. This page will be updated with current legislation that impacts children and families, should you wish to contact your representatives about state or federal legislation. If you have additional comments or questions, please contact Emily Allison, Director of Policy & Innovation. To receive updates through social media connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Contact Your Representatives in Sacramento

  1. Follow this link to identify your representative: findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/ 
  2. Type in your street address and click “Locate”
  3. Click on your representative’s name
  4. When on your representative’s website, click “Contact” in the top navigation.

How to Contact Your Congressional Representatives

  1. Follow this link to identify your House Representative: house.gov/representatives/find/ 
  2. Type in your zip code and click “Find Your Rep by Zip” 
  3. Click on your representative’s name. 
  4. When on your representative’s website, click “Contact” in the top navigation.