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What we do:

An experienced search agent accesses multiple premium search databases to provide a customized search report with the most comprehensive information available.


Our Goal:

We strive to deliver the highest quality of customized search services available and offer them at a non-profit price.


How it works:

Search requests are submitted on the NIPFC page of the Seneca website. Results will be sent to the requestor by email typically within four hours during "normal" business hours.


Our Family Finder Reports include:

  • Up to 30 year address history for the person with listed phone numbers, aliases and deceased notices, if any.
  • Up to 30 possible relatives, with address history and listed phone numbers.
  • Up to 20 possible family acquaintances, with address history and listed phone numbers
  • Neighbors with listed phone numbers at the subject’s most recently reported address.


We are also offering an optional social network search which adds information from some of the most popular social network sites, such as, Facebook, Myspace, Linked in, and others, for up to two of the relatives found on the standard report (additional fee will apply).


What makes Family Finding Search Services unique?


Better Pricing: As a non-profit, we can offer our customized search report for about half the price of any comparable service.


Expert search agents: Our expert search agent has over 10 years experience and has conducted thousands of relative/personal searches. You can be sure we are qualified to help you in your efforts to search for and locate relatives.


Better data: Because we can use multiple data sources, you will get consistently better results than any one-source database.


Save staff time: Because an expert search agent completes the searches using multiple data bases for you, your staff does not need to run inefficient searches that yield incomplete or confusing results, freeing up more time for your staff to begin contacting and engaging relatives.


And finally...


We are you: We have over 50 years experience in the Child Welfare field and helped originate and spread the family finding model. Our family finding work is nationally recognized and has been the subject of numerous news stories including 60 Minutes, The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. You will be receiving the same type of reports that Kevin Campbell and NIPFC trainers use for national training.


Monthly pricing:

Family Finding Report - $25 each
Family Finding Report with Social Network Search - $30 each


Annual pricing (minimum of 25 searches, pre-paid):
Family Finding Report with Social Network Search - $20 each


To review a contract template:
You can download and use our contract template to purchase Family Finding Search Services here.
You may incorporate language from our template into your own contract template if you are required to use your agency’s standard contract.


To submit a search request:

If you have an established account, you can submit a search request through our secure web form by clicking here.


To set up an account or for more information:

call 1-800-381-0350 or email  clif_venable@senecacenter.org.