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Support and Enhancement Services

Support and Enhancement Services (SES)


Support and Enhancement Services (SES) are provided as a collaborative partnership among Santa Clara County’s Department of Probation, Unity Care Group, and Seneca Family of Agencies.  The program’s primary goals are to reduce recidivism, increase psychosocial functioning, and increase community safety. SES provides evidence-driven assessment, planning, linkage, and treatment services to help youth and their families meet the terms of their probation and exit the legal system as quickly as possible.  


After a referral is made to Seneca by a youth’s probation officer, a Seneca facilitator begins the engagement process with the team, serving as a bridge between the Probation officer, the youth, and their family. The facilitator then develops a treatment plan in collaboration with the youth, family, and team to determine needs and services that will enhance the youth’s success. Throughout the course of services, SES staff provide intensive case management and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT-informed interventions to further promote a youth’s progress towards their treatment goals. In addition, SES-enrolled youth can also receive round-the-clock crisis support seven days a week. A Family Assistant from our partnering agency, Unity Care Group works directly with the youth and family in the home and community, collaborating with community partners including the youth’s school staff and other service providers. The Family Assistant also links the youth to sustainable services with demonstrated outcomes. Some youth identified by their probation officer as needing additional support around managing their anger may also be referred to Seneca’s Aggression Replacement Training (ART) groups, through which they learn skills to control their anger more effectively.