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Short-Term Mental Health Services

Intensive Stabilization Services


Intensive Stabilization Services (ISS) is a collaboration between San Francisco County Comprehensive Child Crisis and Seneca to provide 1:1 short-term services for youth who are at high risk of institutional placement and need services immediately.  These youth have recently experienced extremely stressful and challenging situations and need extra help.  Examples of youth being served in this program include:


  • Youth at risk for being rejected from their living place
  • Youth being discharged from the hospital
  • Youth in need of more restrictive levels of care
  • Youth in a new foster home needing extra support to adjust to their new surroundings


ISS counselors are able to provide goal-focused, mental health interventions for these youth for up to thirty days. ISS often serves as a bridge service for clients who are in the process of getting longer-term mental health services set up.


Referrals for the ISS program are generated by the San Francisco County Comprehensive Child Crisis program.

Visitation Services


First Stop Visitation Center opened in December 2008 as a site dedicated to supervising family visitation for children who have been removed from their home for the first time. First Stop is able to accommodate court requirements that ensure visits happen within 5 days of the initial removal. Counselors at First Stop provide supervision of visits and offer modeling and parent coaching as well.


San Francisco Visitation program is an expansion of Seneca’s visitation services initially developed in 2012. The goal of this program is to supervise and/or provide transportation for visits that occur in the community or at an identified location. The program serves families that have progressed in visitation, offering supervised, monitored and unsupervised visitation services on a case by case basis.


Referrals for Seneca San Francisco’s visitation services go through San Francisco County Human Services Agency.

Rapid Response


Rapid Response allows Seneca to provide client youth and families with unconditional care through 24/7 support. Rapid Response is a crisis response program designed to enhance the level of services provided by Seneca’s Northern California community-based treatment and crisis programs by pooling agency staffing resources and giving clients and staff access to critical support no matter the time and place of the crisis. Rapid Response services are provides through a crisis hotline with On-Call Administrators and direct care staff available to provide support through debriefing, assessment, behavioral intervention coaching, and in-person support as needed. 

Currently providing these short-term services in San Francisco.