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Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

TBS is a short-term and intensive, behaviorally-focused service for Medi-Cal eligible youth ages 3-21 who are engaging in behaviors that place them at risk of a higher level of care.  Through time-limited, one-to-one behavioral interventions, TBS provides the child with skills to effectively manage the behaviors that are jeopardizing his/her placement in the lowest appropriate level of care.


TBS Treatment Planning

TBS begins with the development of a functional behavioral analysis and individualized treatment plan through collaboration among the youth, his/her family, treatment team, and TBS staff.  Through this collaboration, the TBS worker seeks to identify what needs the youth is fulfilling through his/her engagement in the targeted behaviors. Treatment plans are specific to each client and vary according to each child’s unique circumstances, to address behaviors such as aggression, self-injury, and defiance.  Treatment plans outline specific measurable goals, strengths/environmental supports, and positive replacement behaviors for each young person enrolled in TBS.


Treatment Implementation

Following a thorough assessment, a TBS staff person begins to provide direct service to the youth and family in the form of one-to-one supports for the youth and his or her primary caregivers.  TBS sessions are scheduled in accordance with the child and family’s needs, with interventions developed based on the family’s specific skills, values, and strengths to promote sustainable change.  As the youth reaches the initial TBS behavioral goal, a transition plan is set in place to ensure sustainability of the treatment progress, and a graduation celebration is organized to acknowledge the achievements of the youth and family. 


Treatment Timeline
TBS is a short-term intensive service, which typically lasts an average of 90 days. 


Currently offered in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco and Orange counties.