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Wraparound Services

The focus of Seneca Wraparound programs is to offer family centered, individualized, and culturally relevant and strength based support. Seneca works in close partnership with Social Services, Mental Health, Juvenile Probation, other service providers, and consumer organizations to provide this family-centered, strengths-based and outcome-oriented alternative to group care placements for children and youth with complex and enduring needs. The focus of Seneca Wraparound programs is to offer family centered, individualized, and culturally relevant  support by drawing upon community and family strengths. The goal of Wraparound programs is to support children and youth in the homes of caring families (biological, fictive kin, or foster families), rather than in group care settings.


Seneca’s service philosophy is built around the concept of Unconditional Care, meaning that no youth served by the wraparound program will be ejected from Seneca due to challenging behaviors or service needs.  Seneca thus tailors treatment and support services to address those behaviors and meet those needs, even as they change over time.


Seneca has developed a clinical practice model which integrates ideas and methodologies from three intellectual traditions that are not usually discussed together: attachment theory (to build healthy relationships), learning theory (to replace negative behaviors with positive ones) and systems theory (to address environmental factors). At the core of the Wraparound model is the Child and Family Team, comprised of the child, family members and other adults connected with the child, the County representative who referred the child for Wraparound, and Seneca staff including a Facilitator, Support Counselor, and Family Partner.  The Team builds consensus and leverages the strengths of its members to identify and meet needs that require intervention in order to support the youth and family in reaching their long-term goals.  Seneca wrap teams work with families to develop support plans to address their needs using state wrap guidelines of being family centered, individualized, culturally relevant and strength based.


Service Plans developed by the Child and Family Team integrate an array of services offered by the Seneca team and are individualized to help families successfully meet their goals.  These services include:


  • Case Management and Facilitation.   The Wraparound Facilitator is a Master’s level clinician fully trained in the provision of culturally-competent treatment and care coordination services.  The Facilitator meets weekly with the family to provide overall case management, assess mental health issues, provide support and direct clinical services, and oversee the work of the clinical team. 
  • Family Therapy.   Family Therapists are Master’s level clinicians trained in a structured family therapy approach.  The therapist’s primary goal is to ensure that all family members are working together to decrease negativity, increase their ability to be more supportive with one another, and solve family problems together.
  • Supportive Interventions.   Support Counselors provide direct support to the youth and family, including behavioral support, mentoring, consultation, role-modeling, skills training, and transportation.  
  • Parent Mentoring.   Parent Partners have personal experience as the parent of a child who has received services.  A Parent Partner will be devoted exclusively to providing advocacy and supportive services for parents and other family members of children enrolled in the program.
  • Triple P.   Triple P counselors and clinicians are trained and certified to provide Level 4 intervention for families who present with the needs and strengths that match the Triple P model.  Those services are focused on specific skill-building, practicing, coaching and reinforcing parenting skills and practices that address the complex behavioral and mental health needs of our Wraparound clients. Referrals to Seneca’s Triple P program are made internally by Wraparound workers who identify families that qualify and could benefit from this unique and specialized intervention.
  • 24/7 Crisis Line.   The Seneca Team is available to families on a 24 hour, seven-day a week basis.  Every family has access to wraparound program staff around the clock through an emergency pager system.  Responses to crisis (or urgent) situations will be initially by phone, with on-call program staff available to respond in person immediately. 
  • On-Site Services.   Staff routinely travel to locations convenient for families that provide a conducive atmosphere for the wraparound process, including family’s homes, the residences of neighbors and other supports, schools, churches, and other institutions.

Adoption Wraparound


Kinship Center, a member of Seneca Family of Agencies, offers specialized Adoption / Permanency Wraparound services for families who are or have adopted children from the foster care system as well as relative caregivers and legal guardians. Kinship Center’s Adoption Wraparound program is the first such program in California; since its inception in 2001, the program has been able to preserve 95% of the highest-risk participating adoptive families.


For more information on Adoption Wraparound, please visit the Kinship Center website here.

Seneca provides Wraparound services in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sonoma, Solano, Marin, Contra Costa, and Orange Counties.


Seneca's Wraparound program was recently added to Sonoma County's Upstream Investments Portfolio as a Tier One Evidence-Based Practice. For more information on Sonoma's Upstream Investment Portfolio, click here.


For more information on Wraparound services in your area, please contact us at info@senecacenter.org

Wraparound services in: San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sonoma, Solano, Marin, Contra Costa, and Orange Counties.